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Yosemite Valley

The final day was one of constant descent; through large burn areas, along forested trails and down the steep steps of the Mist Trail. Ever descending to the valley floor, the temperature rising as we got lower. Ever mixing with...

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Toulunme Meadows and Cathedral Pass

We started with a 6 mile hike through Lyell Canyon to Toulumne Meadows. Another opportunity for some cooked food and a quick resupply before continuing for our final pass and some spectacular Yosemite sceneary. Cathedral Pass is...

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Island and Donahue Passes

The views of Thousland Island Lake were spectactular as we ascended towards Island Pass. Donahue Pass, the last major one, is the entrance into Yosemite National Park. Donahue was still tiring, with many stone steps on both...

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Thousand Island Lake

At Reds Meadow we had dinner and breakfast as well as a shower and then set up for the day. Mainly a day of ascent – but passing many beautiful lakes. Gladys, Rosalie and Shadow Lakes all pristine. Then we crossed over to...

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Reds Meadow

We were eager to leave our camp spot; cold and mosquitoe ridden. Today we had an opportunity to make it to Reds Meadow – another resort property where we could get food and a shower. This would be helped by a relatively...

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