Yes it’s that time of year again! We are hopefully refreshed and geared up for the hiking season and excited to be either. planning or having completed the Timberline Trail. The Third Annual Timberline Trail survey is now live!

You can find this year’s survey here.

There are a few small changes from last year with a couple of additional options to some of the questions. Most importantly the results are now live as they are collected – so you don’t have to wait until the ends of the season to see the results. This should allow hikers to see the conditions much more accurately as the season progresses and see immediate comments from hikers who have just completed the trail.

As the season progresses you will be able to find the results here.

You can find the results for 2023 here and 2022 here.

Thanks to everyone who fills the survey out. This is a great resource for hikers who are planning to tackle the trail. Please share the link with anyone you know that has completed trail and if there are multiple people in your party please encourage them all to complete the survey.

Here is a handy QR code that you can also use to access the survey.


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