These are a set of backpacking trips I have planned and hiked. I enjoy hiking and backpacking and spend a good amount of time both planning and actually getting outside. Most of these trips are in the Pacific Northwest, especially around Mt. Hood. However, I also like to stretch a little further along the west coast as I can. These are backpacking and hiking trips I have been on, in many instances the planning that went into the trips as well.

One of the benefits of including the details of backpacking trips that I have planned and hiked is that you can see everything that goes into the preparation as well and the actual hike. Some of these work well and some don’t, but they all add to the experiences I learn from backpacking.

For most of the trips, I’ve included a complete guide to the navigation by linking to the Viewranger route for that trip. You can download this directly into Viewranger or you can just download the GPX and load that into your favorite app.


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