Hiking is definitely still one of those areas where there is a lot of great content. There are of course many major sources of information but there are also a large number of niche blogs that provide great content. A lot of hiking and backpacking is about knowing the locale in detail. It’s always been a challenge finding all of that niche content. It’s great to see HikeIt listed as one of the premier 100 Top Hiking Blogs.

I was really pleased to find that Hikeit.Info is listed in one of the 100 top hiking blogs. Feedspot is one of those places that gives you access to all the great hiking blogs in one place. In addition to some very popular blogs like SectionHiker and CleverHiker, this really is a great place to find other great hiking blogs, especially if you are looking for advice for a particular region. It’s great to see HikeIt on the list – I’ve been working on this blog for about 18 months and really enjoy both the time it brings me into the outdoors and the ability to share that experience with other folks.

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