Facebook is a great resource for hiking and backpacking. There are hundreds of groups dedicated to both hiking and backpacking and many subjects in between. I tend to like to be a member of fewer groups that I can actively participate in or are much more related to the area where I hike. I don’t want to be overwhelmed with too many posts I can’t keep up with. So here is my current list of best Facebook groups for hiking and backpacking.


Backpacking in the Pacific Northwest – this is a very active group for folks hiking and backpacking in the Pacific Northwest. As I live in Portland this is full of very relevant information, tips on new hikes, and reports on trail conditions.

Hiking Oregon – a little more limited and focused on day hiking but also a great resource for local hiking and conditions.

Sierra Nevada Current Conditions – every year I like to get down to the Sierra for a hike. This group provides great information, particularly for shoulder season trail and pass conditions, such as snow and how the mosquitoes are biting.

John Muir Trail – the JMT is one of the most famous trails in the states, if not the world. This is another great resource for trail conditions and recommendations. One of the admins is Inga Aksamit, who has a wealth of information on various backpacking topics.

Pacific Crest Trail – this is the main group for the PCT, probably the most iconic thru-hike in the US, especially since the advent of the movie “Wild”. For those who don’t know, the PCT is a thru trail from the Mexican border in California to the Canadian border in Washington. There are also groups for each year’s class of those who intend to hike.


Ultralight Backpacking – not just ultralight, but good general discussions on gear topics. For my gear recommendations check out my gear page.


Healthy Gourmet Backpacking Food – if you are tired of Mountain House and dehydrated food, this group will introduce you to healthy, home-prepared food. Great recipes that can really lift you up at the end of the day. This group is a little less active than other groups but has great content. Inga Aksamit is also active here. For my discussion on food check out my food page.


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