It’s been six weeks since my operation, since I last wrote about recovery things have been moving along nicely. I have got back into hiking, done an overnight backpack, and been skiing. I’ve had my final doctor’s appointment and to a great extent, all is looking good. The would have pretty much completely recovered – I’m not expecting much change from now on how it looks. Overall there is still a feeling of stiffness but more on that later. From here on I think it’s just down to more exercise and stretching – this will be my last regular update on my recovery journey from my Hallux Limitus Cheilectomy surgery,

Getting back to exercise

In week 5, I started to get back to more regular walking. I’m still using my Altra Lone Peak’s – I started to use these without the carbon fiber insoles – just to start to allow my toe to get fore flex during walking. I kept walking to local hikes and no more than about five miles. It was good to get out and walk with Hunter. Overall the download flex feels better than the upward flex.

As a note I plan on taking my carbon fiber insole hiking with me – they feel like a good safeguard just in case there is any pain in the joint.

At the end of week five, I was persuaded by Keenan to go skiing at the weekend. Even though getting my foot into my regular shoe was not a problem, there was a little tenderness at the maximum flex. Getting into ski boots was completely different. The amount of flex necessary to bend my foot into a ski boot was considerably more. My ski boots were a little too small and snug to do this. Luckily my elder son has boots that are a 1/2 size bigger – and he wouldn’t be needing them – so with a bit of practice, I found I could bend my foot into them. The plus side of this – was I got to try out his skis!

Skiing was actually great! Once my foot was in the boot it’s well protected and I had a great day spring skiing. The skis worked great – probably one of the best days of the season. Getting my foot out of the ski boot was equally difficult and painful – but overall a good day.

General mobility is now pretty good – now problem walking on any type of surface. Just a continuous need to work on flexing to ensure increased mobility.


The following weekend I went backpacking – just a short hike of 7 miles round trip – but this was the first time I’d been out with a backpack on. Again this worked really well. The only pain was from the occasional kicking of a tree root! I’m pretty pleased with this progress and should start progressing onto longer hikes and get back into a more rigorous training for my JMT hike.

6 Week Post-op Visit

I had my 6-week post-op visit – this was extremely short – the visit itself was probably no more than 10 minutes. Overall the doctor confirmed that things were on track. There was an option to have PT if I wanted to work more on the ROM. I may take this option as ROM was really the main reason I had this surgery.

What’s still odd

Overall I’m pretty happy with the progress – but that’s not to say everything is feeling fine with my hallux limitus recovery. In particular, there are still some odd nerve sensations. One that I particularly notice is if I put pressure on the top of my foot, just by crossing my feet, or cross my legs, it seems to induce pain in my toe. As soon as I reduce the pressure that goes away.

Overall my toe still feels stiff. If I stress the ROM, particularly upward there is pain. The ROM is improving and I expect it will be a slow process from here. I have no problem moving in normal motions, in fact, I can start to put some pressure on it for example with a press-up.

Here’s the link to part 4.


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