Urban hiking is a great way to get out while the current limitations of travel that have most of us rethinking trips to our favorite destinations. One place that you can always go for a hike is in your own local backyard. For many of us this is an urban hike. I’ve found this to be a surprisingly positive experience for several reasons.

It’s always good to get outside. Walking in your local environment removes the need to travel too far and you can basically do this right from your own back door. It’s pretty easy to decide what distance you want to hike – just a few miles or more. If you want to add an extra element of effort you can always throw your pack on and turn this into a full-on training hike.

Coffee break in an urban hike

Of course, it’s also a great opportunity to stop off at your favorite watering hole, or coffee shop. As you explore the different neighborhoods, you’ll find local stores with their own unique characteristics. Stopping off for a bite to eat or a drink might not help the calorie count but adds to the exploration – and helps the local businesses!

However, the best part of urban hiking is getting exposure to a whole set of neighborhoods through local exploration. Some cities have excellent urban paths already available that do a great job of keeping you off the busier streets. Certain areas of Portland have a well-documented urban trail system. However, even if that doesn’t exist there are plenty of quieter streets where you can stretch your legs.


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